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Why Our Customers Love Our Desloges Method of Electrolysis
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My Painful Story About Hair Removal

Jade in the News

We have highly trained practitioners available in 11 locations (and counting) to serve you, offering the Desloges Method of Electrolysis™

If you've got hair you want extinct, definitely go to Jade!

I've got some hard truth for you. When you get a *certain age*, you may some day discover that your gorgeous eyelashes have migrated to other parts of your face. Or your manicured secret garden has sprouted a few weeds off the usual path. Or maybe you're just tired of waxing or shaving all that (and the ingrown hairs that follow).

Fear not: Electrolysis really is permanent. I know because... let's just say, I know, alright?!

I've been to a couple of zappers in the states before moving here, but the ladies at Jade are probably the best I've had. Why? Most importantly is the cleanliness and the gentleness. I am a needle-phobe and was used to more painful procedures before coming here. So on my first visit, I was panting like an over-eager dad at a lamaze class. But the ladies at Jade (I see Edyta ) patiently let me do my thing, timing their zaps to my exhales.

Sisters of mercy, I tell ya. And you know what? With a little numbing cream, it's much less painful than tweezing.

So, if you've got hairs you want extinct, definitely go to Jade. Pro-tip: If you're like me, take ibuprofen and use numbing cream about 15 minutes before your appointment. And drink lots of water every day. That makes the little buggers come out easier.

Regina T.
*Individual results my vary

Decades of unwanted hair and Jade has finally done it!

I have had unwanted hair problems all my life (I'm in my early 50s).  After decades of old-style electrolysis, waxing, tweezing, threading, bleaching and every other method I can think of to get rid of the hair, Jade has finally done it!  I am beyond pleased with the results.  Painless and very effective.  I have no problem in recommending this Desloges method (as opposed to other methods of electrolysis) to anyone, male or female, who needs to get rid of unwanted face/body hair.  They also remove skin tags!  I see Edyta whose professionalism, skill and enthusiasm are a joy to experience.

Jackie J.
*Individual results my vary

Permanent Results and No Ingrown Hairs!

Jade is my first experience with electrolysis and I'm very glad I tried it, the results have been permanent and best of all...no ingrown hairs! The office is easy to get to, always clean, comfy seats and current magazines to read. Multiple visits are necessary so the cost does add up but so did years of waxing!
I looked into it because I was tired of waxing and plucking and am not a good candidate for laser. Fabiola is personable, professional, and patient. All key qualities in someone who you will be working very closely with!

Martina D.
*Individual results my vary

Manscaping – Any Hair, Anywhere!

For years I'd been thinking of doing more permanent 'manscaping' in the 'bikini area', but for obvious reasons had held off. As a man, I had expected electrolysis on the bathing suit area to be perhaps somewhat physically painful but most likely embarrassingly awkward. I looked online off and on and when I found Jade's website, I got a good vibe. Jennifer, the proprietor, put a lot of information on her site and overall I got a strong sense of professionalism and competence. I decided to give it a shot. I called them up and had to ask the awkward question about whether they could help me. Jennifer repeated Jade's mantra "any hair, anywhere". The anticipation was by far the worst part. The procedure itself was incredibly painless both physically and psychologically. The entire process was extremely professional and all awkwardness disappeared immediately. As for the results, well I am 80% through the process and I couldn't be more pleased. The regular 'manscaping' that was required is no longer, and I am very near the point where tweezing will be a thing of the past. I couldn't recommend Jade Electrolysis enough. I wouldn't change a thing about their service, and I am very pleased with the results!

Craig T.
*Individual results my vary

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