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My Painful Story About Hair Removal

In 1982, after becoming pregnant with my first child, I developed a condition that caused me to grow a full male-type beard. I walked around covering my face; I cringed when I noticed people's eyes shift as they examined my chin; I questioned my femininity; I didn't want to get close to anyone... including my husband. Perhaps the worst of it all is that I felt alone - like I was the only one.

I saw all the "experts" but it wasn't until I found Electrolysis in 1990 that I found a lasting solution. I also discovered that even though the process of electrolysis could fix my problem, it all depended on the skill and expertise of the practitioner.

It was a long battle to find the right Electrologist (which is what inspired me to get trained and become the leading expert and trainer in Electrolysis) but today my face and much of the rest of me is hair-free!

Do you have a similar problem or are you simply tired of constant shaving, painful tweezing or constant visits to the salon for waxing or laser hair removal treatments? Electrolysis – and Jade, Offering The Desloges Method™ of Electrolysis – is your only choice for truly lasting hair removal. We stand behind it!

*Individual results my vary