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Jade Guarantee

The team at Jade Electrolysis wants you to know how our guarantee works.

Body Work

  • Is guaranteed if all hairs in the treatment area are removed. If small hairs are left untreated they can become bigger with an increase of hormone or blood supply. Areas like the underarms are a good example where all hairs are large and will be treated, leaving a successful and lasting hair free result. Ask your practitioner whether your treatment area meets this condition.
  • All hair must be removed at a 6-8 week interval. Longer periods of time will put the hair in the wrong stage of growth, resulting in the treatments being less effective.
  • A Registered Nurse must freeze the entire treatment area so that the client is completely still, partial freezing will void the guarantee.
  • Brazilian work is not covered in the guarantee, due to the difficulty of the work.

With our guarantee all work after 8 clearings is performed by the practitioner for free. You are only obligated to pay for the Registered Nurse and the freezing. Ask for details.

Face Work

  • Is not guaranteed because most individuals have a variety of hair sizes and not all hair is generally cleared therefore leaving the possibility of accelerated hair growth in the future.
  • For example: an individual completes treatment on a given area and has no hair growth for 15 years, then enters menopause and then needs 10 touch up treatments over a period of five years.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 1-888-588-0818.