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How to Find the Right Electrologist For You

If you are considering trying electrolysis for your hair removal, it is important to do some research beforehand and make sure you are being treated by an experienced and highly trained electrologist. In Canada, not all electrologists are created equal. Some provinces require 500 hours of training, whereas in other areas, any individual can just buy the equipment and provide the service with no training. This is definitely something you should keep in mind in your search.

In order to determine if the electrologist is the right match for you, we recommend setting up a consultation and asking for a sample treatment. There are three parameters that should be met during treatment:

  1. You should not feel the needle go into your skin.
  2. You should feel the current, which can be uncomfortable, but it should not be painful.
  3. You should not feel the hair being taken out. No tweezing allowed!

If these parameters are met, then you are in capable hands. However, if any of these factors are missing, the hair will come back and you could also end up with scarring and/or nerve damage.

This is why the consultation phase of electrolysis is so important. By setting up a consultation, you give yourself the opportunity to determine if your electrologist will be the right fit for you and if they will be able to provide proper treatment.

If you would like to try electrolysis, make Jade Electrolysis your first call! At Jade Electrolysis, we offer a free consultation and we always meet the three parameters of professional treatment. If you choose us, you can rest easy, knowing you are being treated by certified electrologists who have been through a rigorous training program.

Interested in trying electrolysis? Contact a Jade Electrolysis professional today and start your journey to becoming hair free!