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Our Abbotsford Location is Now Open!

Our Abbotsford clinic has reopened and we are now accepting appointments at this location once...

Our Abbotsford Location is Now Open!
Having a Pain-Free Experience

When you work with a Jade Electrolysis practitioner for your hair removal treatment, we have...

Having a Pain-Free Experience
How to Find the Right Electrologist For You

If you are considering trying electrolysis for your hair removal, it is important to do...

How to Find the Right Electrologist For You
Why Our Customers Love Our Desloges Method of Electrolysi

In this video, you will hear testimonials from real people, their experiences with hair removal...

Why Our Customers Love Our Desloges Method of Electrolysis
Why the Desloges Method of Electrolysis is the Only Lasti

In this educational video, our founder, Jennifer Desloges explains the process and procedure in the...

Why the Desloges Method of Electrolysis is the Only Lasting Hair Removal Solution
My Painful Story About Hair Removal

In 1982, after becoming pregnant with my first child, I developed a condition that caused...

My Painful Story About Hair Removal

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We have highly trained practitioners available in 11 locations (and counting) to serve you, offering the Desloges Method of Electrolysis™

Hormones are NOT the problem!

I had tried a number of different methods of hair removal over the past 11 years and had no success. Following having treatments with laser hair removal I ended up with significantly more facial hair than I had had prior to the treatments. This was never mentioned to me as a side effect when I started the treatments and I have since learned this does happens to a percentage of people who have laser hair removal treatments. For 6 years I had been going in for weekly electrolysis treatments at 2 different locations with no improvement. When I questioned the technicians about this I was always told it was probably a "hormonal" issue and had nothing to do with the treatment and to continue with the weekly sessions. Feeling that the problem was mine and not being aware of any other options I continued on with the hope the situation would improve. I was left with scarring and nerve damage. After doing some research on the internet I made an appointment with Jade Electrolysis and wish I would have discovered Jade years earlier. I saw significant reduction in hair growth after 4 sessions and now after 5 months my treatments are weeks apart and the duration of the sessions are getting shorter every time. My skin is clear, the ingrown hairs are no longer an issue and the regrowth is thin and sparse to the point that I no longer notice the regrowth in between sessions.

Paula G.

Over $1800 Spent on Laser, and Still Not Hair-Free!

"I spent two years having laser treatments and spent $1800 and was not even close to being hair-free. In fact, I was right back where I started. Then I found Jade Electrolysis who delivered permanent results. I have had permanent hair removal as promised... and most importantly, I trust Jade Electrolysis completely. They are definitely the hair removal specialists."

Angela MacKenzie

State of the Art Equipment with Amazing Results!

A girl friend recommended Jade to me. She has been to other electrolysis places, but the results aren't permament. At Jade, they use state of the art equipment with amazing results. The treatment rooms are large and surgical quality clean. The staff were extremely professional, experienced, and made me very comfortable. You can watch a movie during your treatment! I am very happy with my silky smooth skin. No more straining to pluck facial hair out of focus length of my glasses! I recommend them highly.


Manscaping – Any Hair, Anywhere!

For years I'd been thinking of doing more permanent 'manscaping' in the 'bikini area', but for obvious reasons had held off. As a man, I had expected electrolysis on the bathing suit area to be perhaps somewhat physically painful but most likely embarrassingly awkward. I looked online off and on and when I found Jade's website, I got a good vibe. Jennifer, the proprietor, put a lot of information on her site and overall I got a strong sense of professionalism and competence. I decided to give it a shot. I called them up and had to ask the awkward question about whether they could help me. Jennifer repeated Jade's mantra "any hair, anywhere". The anticipation was by far the worst part. The procedure itself was incredibly painless both physically and psychologically. The entire process was extremely professional and all awkwardness disappeared immediately. As for the results, well I am 80% through the process and I couldn't be more pleased. The regular 'manscaping' that was required is no longer, and I am very near the point where tweezing will be a thing of the past. I couldn't recommend Jade Electrolysis enough. I wouldn't change a thing about their service, and I am very pleased with the results!

Craig T.

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