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Risk-Free Franchising Opportunity – With Jade Electrolysis

The Desloges Method™ of Electrolysis is so unique to hair removal that at Jade we know that you will gain a percentage of the market so we guarantee your business success. If you’re not happy with your franchise for any reason after the first three years we will buy it back. That means what you paid for the equipment and furnishing and your franchise fee. Yes...we know it's gutsy but we also know that it removes all risks for you (the franchisee) and that is something that no one else is doing in the franchise world!

Full Training Provided – Zero Experience Necessary

At Jade we provide full training in Electrolysis. Candidates do not need any experience in the beauty industry, actually we prefer it! Our training is so straightforward and logical that it’s no more difficult than learning to tie your shoes as a child. We do have lots of trade secrets that we can’t tell you until you're a part of Jade that no other Electrologists know.


Flexibility and Profitability – All Under One Roof

At Jade, you set your work schedule. We believe in balance in your life. You want time in your life for family, self improvement, travel or relaxation. A career that works around what you want and fulfills your need to make a difference and change lives. Work a quarter of the time and make twice the money.

An Introduction

We are looking for positive minded individuals that we can partner with. In every market we are in we strive to be the most well respected and dominant brand by making every client our advocate for life.

As a Jade Franchisee/Practitioner, it is important that you believe and align with our Core Values

  • We value every client relationship.
  • To be honest and have integrity in EVERYTHING we do.
  • To educate the client thus providing comfort and clear expectations.
  • To be kind, confident and determined when working with our clients.
  • To be committed to enhancing the wellness, confidence and self-esteem of our clients in a safe, ethical and professional environment.
  • To stand behind our life time guarantee*.
  • We will always present ourselves in a clean, courteous and professional manner inside and outside the workplace.

Our MISSION is to end the torment of unwanted hair and leave people feeling:

  • Externally - Free!
  • Internally - Thrilled!

Practitioner Requirements:

  • Must be passionate about helping people
  • Determined to complete tasks
  • Good hand/eye co-ordination
  • Desire to learn
  • Willing to follow direction
  • Ability to create a climate of high expectation
  • Comfortable with other people's bodies

of owning a Jade Franchise:

  • Financing available
  • A Proven System
  • Low Initial Investment
  • Site Selection and Development
  • Design Assistance
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Exclusive Desloges Method™ Training
  • Ongoing Operational Support
  • Co-operative Marketing and Advertising Fund
  • Proven Marketing/Advertising
  • Access to Specialty Equipment
  • Bulk Purchasing Power/discount pricing on supplies
  • High Revenues/Low expenses
  • Locum/Employment Service
  • Custom Computer System and iPhone App
  • Central Reception (no missed opportunities)
  • Trademarks and Brand Recognition
  • Web Presence at hairfreeforlife.com
  • Search Engine Optimization to your Location
  • Social Media Presence
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Industry Exclusive Guarantee* for Life
  • A Partnership of Respect and Co-operation

Did you know......

Franchises have over a 90% success rate, compared to about a 15% success rate for those individuals starting their own business independently.


Our thorough curriculum will prepare you as an industry leader. Your Electrolysis training curriculum includes:

  • History of Electrolysis
  • Temporary Hair Removal: a review of temporary hair removal methods so that you are ready to answer your clients' questions
  • Microbiology: Proper study of micro-organisms and their diseases as they pertain to electrolysis
  • Sterilization: Proper procedures and reprocessing of instruments by British Columbia & Alberta Health standards
  • Dermatology: The study of skin and its appendages, structure and function. Abnormalities of the skin and treatment feasibility
  • Trichology: The study of hair growth and follicle structure
  • Neurology: The study of nerves and the transmission of pain
  • Angiology: The body's healing process
  • Endocrinology: The study of hormones and their effect on hair growth
  • Electricity: The study of the properties and behaviors of electrical currents. How electricity reacts on the skin
  • Modalities: The study of the three methods: Electrolysis, Thermolysis, and the Blend method

Training takes 5-6 months of Home study combined with 4 - two day training sessions.


Approval Process:

  1. Candidate Inquiry
  2. Telephone Interview
  3. Review of website
  4. Review of documents
  5. Qualification - background check
  6. Approval meeting with board
  7. Signing of documents and transition to Pre-opening Process
  • Initial Franchise Fee $30,000
  • Equipment and Furnishings $55,000
  • Supplies $1,500
  • Working Capital/Leasehold Improvements $15,000

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"This is your opportunity to partner with a company with strong client-focused values, solid service guarantees and top-notch training. Be awarded a Jade Electrolysis franchise and have a business you can feel proud of while building your financial freedom."

Jennifer Desloges, Founder