Jade needs people who want to help themselves and others.

Our best franchisees want to secure their financial future. They want to improve their and their family’s income and lifestyle. They want to build wealth and equity. They want to retire debt. AND, and it’s a big AND, they want to help people end their torment of unwanted hair and leave them feeling happy, comfortable, and like they belong to society again, maybe for the first time ever.

Jade was born from our founder’s personal experience of having unwanted hair she wanted removed – permanently. Jade has developed the processes and technology to end the torment of unwanted hair. We need people, maybe you, to implement our beliefs and behaviors, while using our processes and technology, to make the people feel happy, comfortable and like they belong in society.

Our franchise gives you unlimited growth potential. Whatever your personal goals you can achieve them by treating people who have unwanted hair to get rid of, permanently.

Getting rid of peoples’ unwanted hair, permanently, is our commitment, promise, guarantee, passion, competitive advantage, and competitive barrier.

No one else can say they do what we do: Permanent Hair Removal.

We are on a mission.

We have 12 clinics. Our goal is to have 500 in Canada.

The question for you is this: Can you achieve your personal and family goals by being our franchise?

You will only know if you go through our Discovery Process.

We ask you to examine the information on this website and if you are interested in discovering if the Jade business opportunity is the way for you to help your family and the individuals and families who are suffering from unwanted hair they want removed complete the short information form and we will call you and get started on our 4-step process to determine if becoming a Jade franchisee is the best thing for you, your family, and our brand.

Now is an exciting time to join the leading permanent Hair Removal franchise in the world. Let’s see if Jade has what you are looking for to accomplish your personal and business goals.

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