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Electrolysis vs Laser: What Are the Biggest Differences?

If you are considering treatment for hair removal, make sure you understand the key differences between laser and electrolysis, so you can be sure you are choosing the procedure that’s right for you!

There are a number of differences between laser and electrolysis – laser is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation” and for some it has garner some promising results. Electrolysis, on the other hand, is the removal of hair roots or small blemishes on the skin by the application of heat or chemical decomposition using electric current and is the only proven permanent hair removal solution.

Laser as a hair removal technique is still in its infancy phase. Laser aims a concentrated beam of light producing heat which is absorbed not only by the hairs pigment but also the pigment in the skin, resulting in both the hair and the skin becoming targets. Additionally, the laser can only heat pigment that it can see with best results occurring when there is a difference between hair and skin colour. This means it is very difficult for laser to pick up blonde or grey hairs, making laser treatment ineffective for people with lighter hair. In a best-case scenario, laser hair removal technique can slow down future hair growth.

Electrolysis has been around for much longer, with the first procedures starting in 1869. It is truly the only way to stop unwanted hair growth successfully! It is extremely effective because it seals off the blood supply for hair follicles, eliminating their food source for growth. Electrolysis prevents opportunities for treated areas to re-grow and is accomplished over a series of treatments and is dependent on the practitioner’s accuracy. Furthermore, electrolysis completed with a surgical microscope, allows the practitioner to see every hair follicle on all skin surfaces. Treatment can be completed for any individual, regardless of hair or skin colour. With electrolysis, you can be assured that you will receive hair removal results that are permanent, allowing you to feel confident and beautiful in your skin.

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