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Jade Electrolysis - Vancouver Kitsilano

209 - 2678 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2G3

Phone: 604-273-9091

Parking: There are some FREE spots on the cross streets of Trafalgar and Stevens and the 8th or 10th (Just be careful to look at signs for permit ONLY - usually the other side of the street is free). Metered street parking is available on Broadway and the surrounding streets. Bring change or pay by cell phone. There is also a public parkade behind the building.




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Jade Electrolysis Vancouver Kitsilanoon


Our Practitioners at this location are:

Jennifer DeslogesJennifer Desloges

Jennifer Desloges is Jade's founder. She started electrolysis in September 1989. Not being happy with the results her training provided to her clients, she started perfecting new techniques which would later be known as “The Desloges Method™”. She is Jade's Chief Executive Officer. Jennifer has a strong family life; in fact both her children, husband, sister and brother work for Jade. She is passionate about helping people, whether it's helping a client feel good in their own skin, a franchisee start and find success in their own business or her family and staff finding pride in their careers. Jennifer is determined to lead by example and works tirelessly. She's known as "the machine". Jennifer currently works out of the Richmond Head Office, Kitsilano, and Downtown Vancouver, but you never know where she'll turn up. Her mission is to rid the world of unwanted hair with her army of electrologists.


Janine DeslogesJanine Desloges

Janine Desloges is Jade's founding daughter. She was instrumental in the system setup and analysis. Janine trained at Alberta Technical Institute of Electrolysis under her mother, Jennifer Desloges, at the age of 15. She worked with her mom and participated in the development of “The Desloges Method™”. She is currently the Chief Operations Officer and is enjoying her role. For three years prior to Jade, she owned her own business in Langley, later making it the second location of the franchise. Janine is passionate about her work. She loves helping people, is very determined to do her best and change people’s lives one hair at a time! Janine is very excited and proud of the growing company. She helps practitioners in their day-to-day activities and their training. Janine loves to laugh, and her laugh is contagious. Her true love is her one-eyed chihuahua named Princess!


Emilie Fortin | Jade Electrolysis RichmondEmilie Fortin

Emilie Fortin began her journey into electrolysis as a Jade client back in 2012. With the results she got from her treatments, she wanted to get into the business. Emilie started her Jade training in June 2014, and is a recent graduate of The Desloges Method. She has a passion for helping others and wants to assist those who desire to be hair free. Emilie enjoys doing anything that involves being outdoes, such as hiking, camping and snowboarding. Fun Fact: At age 8, Emilie used her mom's razor and shaved her legs. Her mom believed the urban myth that she was going to accelerate the growth, and thought she would turn into a hairy monkey!