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Jade Electrolysis - Langley

14 - 8948 202 Street
Langley, BC
V1M 4A7

Phone: 604-273-9091

Parking: Free parking lot surrounding the clinic.




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Jade Electrolysis Langleyon


Our Practitioners at this location are:

Janine DeslogesJanine Desloges

Janine Desloges is Jade's founding daughter. She was instrumental in the system setup and analysis. Janine trained at Alberta Technical Institute of Electrolysis under her mother, Jennifer Desloges, at the age of 15. She worked with her mom and participated in the development of “The Desloges Method™”. She is currently the Chief Operations Officer and is enjoying her role. For three years prior to Jade, she owned her own business in Langley, later making it the second location of the franchise. Janine is passionate about her work. She loves helping people, is very determined to do her best and change people’s lives one hair at a time! Janine is very excited and proud of the growing company. She helps practitioners in their day-to-day activities and their training. Janine loves to laugh, and her laugh is contagious. Her true love is her one-eyed chihuahua named Princess!


Kathryn ThomKathryn Thom - on Maternity Leave

Kathryn, trained in “The Desloges Method™” in 2013, is a young loving mother of two, who always has a smile and a caring heart. She has a medical and health background, and is always willing to lend a hand to help others. Kathryn comes from a large family of five and is the second oldest; but you wouldn’t know it because of her height. When Kathryn was a little girl, she thought her middle name was “little beth” not Elizabeth. She loves the colour green and has a passion for clothes and fashion. She is excited and proud to have such a great career with Jade Electrolysis.


Lisa DerLisa Der

Lisa, a mother of two, came to Jade as a client first.  She was so impressed with the treatment results that she changed professions from dental assisting to permanent hair removal.  Lisa graduated from the Jade training program in September 2013.  Lisa is a true believer that by removing unwanted hair, you can change your outlook on life, allowing your confidence to soar. Her favorite pastimes include gardening, photography, and most of all playing with her kids at the local parks and playgrounds.