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To end the torment of unwanted hair and leave people feeling thrilled!*

At Jade Electrolysis:

  • We value every client relationship
  • To be honest and have integrity in everything we do
  • To educate the client, thus providing comfort and clear expectations
  • To be committed to enhancing the wellness, confidence and self-esteem of our clients in a safe, ethical and professional environment
  • To be kind, confident and determined when working with our clients

Core Values - An advocate for life!

What drives Jade's success is our technology and people who live our beliefs. In every market, we strive to be the most respected brand by making every client a Jade advocate for life.

Jade professionals are passionate about permanent hair removal and helping our clients improve their self-esteem and confidence in the way they look and feel. Jade’s loyal clients often recommend our services to their family and friends.

Our promise is simple.

  • The Desloges Method leaves you Hair-Free. Period.*

Meet Our Team

Head Office

Founder and CEO

Jennifer Desloges

Chief Executive Officer
Location: Richmond, Kitsilano, Oakville ON
Experience Level: 7

Marc Desloges

Chief Financial Officer

Photo to come.
Photo to come.

Kaitlyn Collins




Monika Beker

Location: West Vancouver
Experience Level: 4

Fabiola Diaz

Location: Downtown Vancouver
Experience Level: 4

Janine Desloges

Location: Abbotsford, Cloverdale
Experience Level: 7

Sonia Loachamin

Location: South Surrey
Experience Level: 5

Tony Thurston

Location: Victoria
Experience Level: 5

Jade Practitioners


Trisstan Clouatre

Location: Chilliwack
Experience Level: 2

Amanda De Holanda

Location: Richmond, Downtown Vancouver, Kitsilano
Experience Level: 2

Lisa Der

Location: Langley
Experience Level: 5

Kim Desloges

Location: Oakville, ON
Experience Level: 4

Ashley Reid

Location: West Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, Richmond, Kitsilano
Experience Level: 2
Photo to come.
Photo to come.

Lynnae S.

Location: Kitsilano
Experience Level: 3
Photo to come.
Photo to come.

Ann Szalipszki

Location: Cloverdale
Experience Level: 3

Edyta Szczuka

Location: West Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, Kitsilano
Experience Level: 4

Chrissy Cocca

Location: Oakville, ON
Experience Level: 1